Current version of this file is at  2020.01.04

Key to abbreviations in card checklists

Abbr     Meaning
----     -------
bw       Black and white lithograph
c        Chromolithograph (colored)
hc       Chromolithograph ('handcolored' specified on card)
rp       Real photo

YearPub  Copyright or other date printed by publisher on front or back of card
			(this may be earlier than the date the card was printed).

DateUsed	Postmark or handwritten date.  Earliest seen.

nav      National Art Views (New York).
NPG      Neue Photographische Gesellschaft, German producer of bromide photographic paper
				 and part owner of The Rotograph Co. Their logo used on a series of real photo cards
				 for Rotograph.

sa       Rotograph Sol-Art logo on back of card
esa      Early version of Rotograph Sol-Art logo on back

bifold   folded 2-card panorama (3.5" x 11")
db       Divided back
edb      Early divided back (wider on address side -- sometimes called 3/4 back)
udb      Undivided back
v        Vertical format (horizontal assumed)

qn       A qn appended to a number means the card number is unknown but is
         probably close to the card number shown

fold-out Thick card with an opening panel that reveals a series of smaller images

Title    Title of card is shown as it appears on card with the following exceptions:
         On some titles, a leading 'The' is not shown, e.g., "The Lake" may appear as just "Lake."
         Abbreviations are generally not used, e.g., Main St. would appear as Main Street
         Misspelled words in the actual title are corrected, and noted in the Notes column
         Square brackets [ ] are used to add information not present in the card title
         Long titles may be truncated.

         For some subcategories with many cards (colleges, universities, parks, etc.), the
         sequence of the title may be reversed.  For example, if the card title is
         "XYZ Hall, Yale University", the entry could be changed to "Yale Univ: XYZ Hall".

         This is for sorting by the Title entry within the State/City sort of the list.

         Spelling errors in the Title are corrected in the Title entry and a note added.

City     If not on card, shown as location of image if known.  Some locations no longer exist
         or are now incorporated into another city.  Current city is shown.

city not on card?    The city shown is not printed on the card.
number?              Number is unknown or uncertain.
                     If followed by ###x# (e.g., 122x7), x is the uncertain digit